The Entertainment Division has been operated for well over a decade.  The activities we engage in include music production, events, music video production, as well as corporate videos and website development.


ITZA Global Records has a number of sub labels/event brands including Cherry Bomb, TBG, FR33, Funki Monki, Itza Global Ting, Innov8 and Small Toy Records. Each of these incorporates a different style and genre of musical talent.


There are separate companies within each division, and each company has a number of experts supporting the business plans of the operation.  For example, the senior members within ITZA Global Films are already very well established in the movie industry.


One of the key brands in ITZA is a multifaceted event brand called ITZA:ibiza. In the club environment it allows us to separate music genres and entertain different crowds depending on their taste, whereby DJs play suitable music to fit the brand. This allows us to pair each room with our singers and musicians to provide a live element to the experience.  The festival use of the ITZA:ibiza brand offers: Music - Motivation (and some spirituality) - Movies (a multiplex outdoor experience, using in-house patented acoustic speaker technology).

An innovative label covering most key genres of music.  It has a number of sub labels and is part of ITZA Muzik which provides management, publishing and events services in addition to the sound recording business.

Bringing a taste of Ibiza to the globe! This is an events and festivals brand that was born on the white isle itself. The founder has lived in Ibiza since 2012 and felt it was time to bring more than just a flavour of the music and talent to the rest of the world.

ITZA Global Media has a huge talent bank.  The team was assembled to support the growing needs of ITZA Global and are available to help SME's, sole traders and music artists alike.  Services include web development, graphic design, photography, and videography.

The upcoming movie trilogy "Selfish Jeans" necessitated the assembly of leading professionals in the industry.  This includes music professionals as well as screenwriters, editors, and script doctors.

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