All of the the ITZA Global Food and Drink products and services have been designed to be a part of our franchise development programme. Many of the food brands have been market tested in many different types of environment from hotels, clubs, supermarkets, as well as high street sales and shopping mall environments.


Not only have we devised innovative ways to bring products and services to market, there are drink inventions that are subject to a US patent application. This is bringing iced smoothies to households and retail, with an offering that is the equivalent of the type found in Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro. Likewise ready-made cocktails for both the home and bar/club scene which are indistinguishable from the cocktails made professionally in cocktail bars.

Presently providing made to order food for events and the like, the brand has been established as a franchise operation.  What makes it unique is the cooking of authentic Japanese dishes as opposed to offering the kind of menu that you will find in most western Sushi bars.

Smoothie operator is the result of a US patent, bringing you the kind of smoothies that are generally only found in places such as Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro.  With the aid of Japanese technology, these can be machine served as well as enjoyed using our proprietary ready made drink system.

Using a combination of infused ice and blended cocktail ingredients, delivered in a way that is the subject of a US patent application, assures that even the most discerning of cocktail drinkers are delighted with the Cocktails in Paradise experience.

It's a Wrap! is "Fun food, guilt free!". Although the menu includes Mexican dishes such as chicken fajitas, wraps are so versatile we are able to cater for the most diverse of tastes. As well as offering a huge range of fillings, we also offer a choice of speciality breads.

Churros are Spain's best kept secret.  Dippy Doughnuts combines this versatile favourite with a range of delicious dips, including of course the choice of a hot coffee as well as or instead of our other dips.

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