A focal point of Health & Wellbeing is “Off Grid Entrepreneur”.  This is a book, a ‘system’ and a subject matter for conferences, and not just a method for achieving financial freedom.  The idea is to enjoy enhanced health, happiness and fulfilment, because without these the financial freedom is of little value. Matthew H Forrest, CEO of ITZA Global is also better known by the pseudonym Off Grid Entrepreneur.  


This philosophy also forms an important part of the new book, The Meaning of Life, which is not only a "theory of everything" but is also an exploration into ways to enhance happiness and fulfilment. The books is part of a series that represents the unification of science and spirituality.


A key upcoming project is Nutra Force™, which is a blueprint to help combat childhood obesity.  However, given that it is not what is said but who said it that counts, this is a long-term project that will require the engagement and endorsement of celebrity figures and influencers.


A number of the company's food and drink products have healthy brand values and so fit neatly into this division. These include It's a Wrap, Simply Zero, Smoothie Operator, VeGa and Rising Sun Sushi.

Off Grid Entrepreneur is what the founder and CEO of ITZA Global is also better known as.  It coaches people wishing to escape the nine to five wage slave mindset.  There is a heavy emphasis on geographical freedom, but this is only a small part of the coaching system and book.  Although wealth accumulation is a key part, fulfilment and, to some degree, spirituality is fully emphasised because being rich and unhappy is senseless.

VeGa was created out of a growing demand for vegan food and drink.  Emerging from the festival arena, it is set to become a global franchise brand.

Fat free frozen yogurt.  There are more and more frozen yogurt operations emerging, and this is great news.  Ours was one of the early pioneers and, in our customers' opinion, cannot be beaten on taste.

The Meaning of Life book series by the founder and CEO of ITZA Global lays the foundation for the TMOL organisation.  However, it is much more than a book series because it extends to conferences, mentoring, Vlogs/Blogs and also ties in with the Off Grid Entrepreneur persona.  The non fiction books create the basis for the upcoming movie trilogy "Selfish Jeans".

Nutraforce is a blueprint to help combat childhood obesity and unhealthy eating and drinking habits.  There are many products and services underpinning the concept.  As it is very much about who and not so much what is said that makes all the difference, celebrity involvement is going to be critical.

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