In keeping with the organisation's invention and innovation strategy, all the products included within the Home & Fashion Division are unique and not simply a rebranding of existing products or services.


They include, but are not limited to: an acoustic speaker invention, male fragrances and wall covering products.


ITZA Model Life is also a part of the same division, and their services extend across all divisions. Examples of this include pop music videos, performances at events, promotional work, as well as fashion work specifically.

MV Fragrances are for men and women.  Created in the North West of the UK, but selling globally, it is fast becoming a household brand.  The company is set to make fragrances that positively influence emotions as well as making people smell wonderful.

Starpix is an innovative wallcovering that is "The only wallpaper you can keep updating".  Using microsphere technology, the decals that make up the foreground elements of the mural-like scenes can be moved around and replaced.  Licenses for all the major Premier League football clubs, England FA and pop bands have been secured in the past and the concept would be ideal for themes such as Harry Potter, Star Trek, and Disney scenes. Further features are being worked on to enhance what is already a unique system.

QR-Bass is a revolutionary speaker system that allows for micro festivals, micro cinema multiplexes, music production without a fixed studio, high quality portable sound within moving vehicles, speaker daisy chaining as well as device or portable speaker enhancement.

"Not just a pretty face!" is the company strapline and it highlights the fact that models bring more to the organisation than catwalk looks or promotion staff skills.  Because the agency is linked to all the other company divisions, there are more opportunities that arise when compared with traditional agencies. This can be as varied as pop music video work or something not normally associated with model agencies such as sales.

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