Although the Property Division is in its infancy, a number of new and innovative property developments are in the pipeline. These include a number of establishments that will be rolled out using Ibiza as the launch platform.


These developments include beach clubs, innovative hostels that offer a 5-star experience on a shoestring budget, together with an application to rival AirBnB, albeit within a different sector. The Rent to Buy system is also an innovative system, and the organisation has taken steps to move into this growing market.

ITZA Global Hostels was created to provide a five star experience on a budget.  It is also an ideal showcase for our food and drink services division as well as our record label(s) and events organisation.  The hostel sub brands signify what type of experience our customers can expect eg. ITZA:Ibiza is more of a party hostel. Some sub brands represent a joint venture, whereby both companies bring different service elements to the hostels.

Home from Home (HfH) is an innovative accommodation provision service which is akin to AirBnB, but with a number of key differences.

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